Why have I not been credited points for my shipment?

There are a number of reasons why your shipment might not be credited with points:

  • The shipment is yet to be delivered to us - sometimes shipments can get stuck along the way in the Australia Post network.
  • The shipment is yet to be checked in - although the shipment has been received at the warehouse, we are yet to check it in. Most shipments are checked in within a few days of being received, however during busier periods, this can take up to two weeks.
  • Your shipment did not reach the minimum required weight - each program has a defined minimum shipment weight which you need to reach in order to qualify for TerraCycle points. Please note, the box does not count towards your overall shipment weight.
  • Duplicate shipping label - each new shipment must be sent with a new label. If this is not done you will not earn points for the shipment.
  • Bonus points - we aim to add any bonus points from special promotions to your account no later than one month after the promotion has ended.

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