Why can't I download a free shipping label?

There might be a few reasons why you're unable to request a prepaid shipping label. 

  • You haven’t joined a program yet

Here at TerraCycle we aim to grow communities of collectors to make our programs as effective as possible. As a result, we do not accept recycling sent to us by individual collectors unless you have joined a program. For more information on the programs we're currently offering, please click here. You can join each program by visiting the respective program page and reading the ‘How it works’ section. 

  • The program is on waitlist

Many of our recycling programs have enjoyed incredible success thanks to the great recycling efforts of thousands of consumers. Running programs of this scale entail a significant cost and unfortunately, some programs occasionally reach capacity. We will then look at methods to collect larger volumes in an economically sustainable way - this is why some programs are waitlisted and shipping labels are not available.

  • Changes have been made to the program

Due to the growing popularity of our programs, at times we may have to amend program rules. To make our programs more efficient, we sometimes change the types of collectors who can be registered for the program (e.g. allocate more spaces to public drop-off points over private collectors), or the types of organisations we partner with (e.g. vets for pet food packaging). Please rest assured that all changes are announced well in advance to all collectors registered to the program, so we would encourage you to check your emails from TerraCycle.

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