What is a public drop-off point and what does it involve?

A public drop-off point is a community recycling station for TerraCycle’s free recycling programs. These programs are funded by brands and are therefore completely free for any local business, community organisation or educational institution to implement. The location and operating hours are displayed on our public map, so members of the community can find a place to drop their recycling off.

Connection and community involvement is key to strengthening recycling efforts and this is why our public drop-off point network is so important. By bringing communities together to keep more recycling out of landfills, we can continue to promote the importance of sustainable living and empower greater change on a local scale. 

The more recycling communities collect, the more TerraCycle points earned, and these points can be donated to a local school or non-profit organisation. 

You can find more information about public drop-off points here.

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