What are the shipping guidelines for the Electric Toothbrush Free Recycling Program?

The Electric Toothbrush Free Recycling Program has strict shipping guidelines due to the transportation of batteries. Please read through this check list before shipping your recycling:

  • Extra label required - Packages must be labelled with a TerraCycle shipping label AND a battery hazard label which can be found under the Shipping requirements for this program heading in the How it works section on the program page.
  • Ensure batteries are discharged and your toothbrushes have no charge left in them.
  • Do not disassemble - Keep batteries inside toothbrushes.
  • Pack your waste in a cardboard box - Do not use a bag or satchel.
  • The box should not weigh over 20kg.

Electric toothbrush heads are not accepted as part of this program but can be recycled as part of the Colgate Oral Care Free Recycling Program.

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