How do I book a pickup for the Schwarzkopf Cares Hair Aerosol Free Recycling Program?

It's great to hear that you are ready to ship your hair aerosol containers to us to be recycled through the Schwarzkopf Cares Hair Aerosol Free Recycling Program!

  1. Please ensure your aerosols are completely empty and have caps on. Place them in a sturdy cardboard box with at least 5cm of empty space at the top. Ensure the box does not weigh more than 30kg.
  2. When you are ready to send in your recycling please email Customer Service with the weight and dimensions of your box, the email address connected to your TerraCycle account and your best contact number to call to arrange a pick up. Please note: pickup requests will be processed on Tuesday and Thursday for Wednesday or Friday pickup during business hours. 
  3. TerraCycle will contact you to book in your courier pick up on your preferred day. You will be provided with a courier label and a TerraCycle tracking label (the TerraCycle label is needed to process your TerraCycle points for charity).
  4. Seal up your box of recycling and print out and affix both labels to your box.
  5. A courier will pick up your box and send it off to be recycled.

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